Welcome to my humble portfolio! My name is Simon, I'm a fledgling video game artist who would love to work on that crazy video game project of yours.

Need a partner in crime for the entire development, or simply a one-time third-party to work on some extra art assets? If you like what you're seeing, don't hesitate to contact me!

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Warning: this website is not mobile friendly. I'm working on it though.

Contact me at: contact[at]simonmakesgames [dot] com
I'll be happy to hear about your project
and will do my best to answer in timely fashion!

Characters and creatures

Characters for various projects I used to work for

I don't remember why I did these two, but they're cute. Thought I'd share them.

Stuff running, good for cardio

Ingame screenshots / environments

Boss Bashing Button Brawlers
Project put on hold for now. You can find an early prototype at https://ikroth.itch.io/boss-bashing-button-brawlers

Cyberpunk project

Short game I worked on during the 36th Ludum Dare. Can be played for free on https://ikroth.itch.io/debug-quest . Had a lot of fun working with Gameboy type of visuals.

Another short game I worked on during a gamejam. Can be played for free at https://ikroth.itch.io/wayfarer . Not the most exciting game ever, but at least I got to work on a full tileset in less than 48h.

Low polygon shenanigan

I haven't had a lot of opportunities to work on low poly stuff, but I love it!

Digital painting